I read something today and it blew my mind. A friend who allegedly snatched her supposed bestie's baby daddy and went ahead to curse her out. 
Well, I am not one to judge, but some people in the comments kept asking why they are just bashing the lady and not the man. Well, if you ask me, if something like that ever happened to me, I would be madder at my friend. 
The fact that she thought it wise to seduce my man, how she sat down to think about it and didn't think how devastated it'd make me. 

I'd definitely be mad at my man, why would he even consider it in the first place? Why?? Why?? Why?????
They are both terrible people, but my friend is the worst. 

The thing about betrayal is, it's scary, it's wicked, and selfish. It's not just about snatching boyfriends, husbands, baby daddies or what not, it is also cheating, gaslighting, lying, gossiping, disloyalty, etc.

People do things these days and try to justify it, they say things like, going for what you want, loving myself more, staying woke blah blah blah, but its mostly just people being plain horrible and there's nothing woke about that. ..

If your man cheated on you with your friend, who would you be more mad at?

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  1. My man oh... especially that staying woke part. That's nonsense


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