Buhari has met the standards of all Nigerians from 2015 to date - Lai Mohammad

I wonder how people will look people in the eye to tell them lies that they already know the truth about. 

I believe these false words relayed on news and social media could not have been for the citizens based in the country who already know the truth, but for the external masses who are watching from other regions, just to portray fake transparency. 

One could not have been entirely surprised by the rhyme of his name with "LIE” –“ Lai” and ”Lie”. Nigerians can be very realistic. 

Everyone knows the truth, why would he say that to the world? 

So people living in Nigeria who had experienced President Mohammadu Buhari'is regime are fools and do not have a sense of reasoning for things happening?? 

This is so absurd. 

His words were: 
“Nigeria is better than we met in 2015; Buhari has met the standards of Nigerians”

Oh my God! What is this, can I call this a secret lie or a white lie? This is no more a lie, I see this as making caricatures of the sufferings in Nigeria because you are in a better position. 

For our minister of information in question, I believe he is either paid to say untrue things or he is always under duress. 

Either of the both, it is unbearable and despite it having been my concern to know the actual reason for his consequent actions, I believe he has done enough harm already. 

#Stop the lies, Lai

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