Corper apologies after being caught transferring votes from LP to NNPP.

I do not care about the parties involved, I'm concerned about this very Corper who has such insurgency built up in her even when it concerns her future. 

Human beings are supposedly alleged to stand up or stand out of things as mature humans. 

Nevertheless, I love two things about her, Her bravery and her apologetic spirit. Speaking of bravery, taking a bribe for the dubious act is one of the bravest on earth to do. 

It is one of the bravest because your mind will be wiped off disregarding so many challenges even your life just to ensure what you're paid for is done. 

Speaking of her apologetic spirit, apologies are the simplest but the hardest thing to do. It takes a lot of discipline to loosen up and apologize especially when caught red-handed. 

I don't condemn her because she did what she thought was best for her at the moment. It could have also been anybody else. I will only reprimand her because she failed as an adult who acted as though she was a child. According to philosophy about the stages of life in human beings, children are the ones prone to easily accept bribes. 
When an adult does the same, it is termed foolishness. 

According to the video, she agreed to accept all consequences that would be on her and then apologized wholeheartedly. 

#Unintentional Act

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