He loves me, He loves me not

I used to say love doesn't die, that if you fall in love with someone, it has to be that person. 
When I had my first breakup, I concluded it was infatuation and not love, that was why it was easy for us to separate. Then the worse breakup happened and I started questioning the thought, I mean, a whole long 5 years o. That can't be infatuation na. Lol

The funny thing about breaking up is the immediate thought that you would pass out from the hurt or that you may not survive it at all, then week in and out you are missing them lesser and lesser. Then all of a sudden, you are not even thinking about them for hours, then a whole day, days, weeks, months and you start asking if you ever were in love in the first place. Yes! You were, it was a love that wasn't supposed to last forever. 

One crazy thing is, you are trying so hard to forget and still hoping they come back to beg, tell you they miss you or they want you back. Lol! We no serious sha.

How bout feeling bad that they are not miserable as we are? In fact! We might be acting all active and giving the I'm living my life vibes but when we see them doing otherwise and not miserable, we get mad, we start asking if they ever loved us. Well, let's not be selfish, if we can do it, they should too. 

I understand that sometimes we break up, hoping it'd help change things, but the truth is, if you have to use a breakup for someone to appreciate you, they are not worth it in the first place. 

There's no doubt we can loose something special because of no understanding, compromise, ego, carelessness etc, but the prayer is that we end up with the right person in the end, and the right person we shall get. 

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