I am suffering, I have no money to buy food in my house - Former Governor of Abia State Orji Uzo Kalu emphasized.

Just a day ago, Senator Uzo Kalu said that he doesn't have money to buy food in his house and that he is suffering. 

What is he trying to claim? 

Politicians are always on the hinge of claiming righteousness in the deed that they know and everyone else knows that they are involved in. 

What is the premises that he is trying to develop? Maybe he is unaware of the supposed looted money by the politician? 

Let us be realistic Mr. Uzor Kalu, you can't say that you have no money for food. Everyone knows the category of people enjoying and people suffering in this era. So why take the wrong position? 

Anyways, to understand this situation from a general perspective, I would say that in this context, it could be formally true as long as Nigeria is concerned. 

This present situation is greatly affecting both the rich and the poor, with no exception. 

But also note that there will always be a disparity between the two worlds (the rich and the poor). While the rich must have had ways to get money or food due to their fame as a result of their different position in society. But for the poor, that is a no. 

As it stands for Nigerians, whatever word, phrase, or sentence that is heard from any mouth of politicians, are all seen as fallacies. 

Come to think of it, why are you telling us about your suffering if that is true? 
We already know you as one of the reasons for the stagnancy in your former state of governorship. Now you've told the masses of your predicament, what would you have them do? 

This is too absurd and too disturbing for me. 

I don't blame Nigerians much when they carve on your faces for comedy skits. Y'all should at least have a conscience. 


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