State of Emergency #Hoarding of money while citizens suffer

Even In the decades to come, governmental issues shall never cease from being talked about. 

This is a barbaric act! 

To the poor citizenry, 
it is with a heartfelt acknowledgement, I write this piece down. It has now shone on the brim that there is a high percentage of wickedness purging out from the minds of leaders. They have sold their morality and humanity just to be able to control lives (power) and then keep souls in misery. 

When I speak about morality, I relate it to our conscience which on the other end, they gave sold. 

The citizens had cried, created a scene, and gone naked, depressed and frustrated just to get the money that they all had worked hard for and had kept in their custody for safety. They look at them an eye for an eye and make pronunciation that there is no money to give to them while there are piles of money waiting to be consumed. 

And you feel you will not rot miserably? 

Well, the arrest of the Bank officials who collided with whomever to hoard cash has not yet cleared the air of money scarcity in the country. 

Because, invariably, it could be a camouflage to calm the minds of the citizens by arresting the bank officials. Before you stop running the water you must first find the switch. Does it mean that Banks carried out that act on their call? No! There must be a head, root and source. 

An arrest or no arrest, we know it is just a camouflage to pose to the public as though the situation has been handled. 

The question now is, why such inhumanity? 

This created a leeway for citizens to protest, riot and destroyed banks in a few states, like Oyo State. So many things are happening and the point is that no one could fathom the root, the reason and the intended results thereafter. 

At some point, Bank workers were spotted on camera fleeing the environment through the back fence with a ladder to run to safety from the customer's aggression who were seen crowded in the vicinity of the banks. 

Some months before now, it was confirmed that one of the aims of the change in naira notes was to avoid the hoarding of money by politicians or illegal government parastatals to have a fair election. 


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