The 2023 Elections

Let me tell you what I feel about this whole election thing. My opinion might not make sense to you or make any difference, but it's still relevant to me.

Obviously, it seems like 70% of the nation is backing up Peter Obi, 20% for Tinubu and the rest 10% for Atiku (I actually feel bad that they don't often mention him, not even for a tease)... My statistics may be wrong, but from where I am standing, that's how I see it. 

The reason why we have it this way is not because Nigerians know for sure Peter Obi would be a better President, they are just tired of the situation of things, they'd vote for a robot if need be. 

But here is what I feel, people keep saying, stop praying, go get your PVC and vote, yesss, we will get our PVC, and we will vote, but the ultimate decision still lies in God's hands(well, for those of us who believe in God). 
We make plans, and before we execute them, we look to God to make them possible. Whether we like it or not, we still need God's proclamation. We actually need Him to choose a leader for us. 

Whatever we are doing now is our thoughts and options, we don't even know what the outcome will be, we are just holding on to hope which is what faith is all about, but we shouldn't forget, sometimes, our will isn't always the best. 

I'd rather we go ahead and vote for our candidate, but let's not forget to pray, pray to God to help us choose a good leader, that in the end, whoever comes forth as the next president, let's pray that whatever their bad intentions are, God will turn them around to good ones. Let's just pray for a better leader. The Lord's chosen😁🙌


  1. Well said. I feel that Atiku isn't as quiet as u think. Have u seen his campaign? He is also a threat to Tinubu. Tinubu is only making threads cos of the comic we deduce from him😂. God bless Nigeria!!

    1. I feel so too. Sometimes I ask, what if this man everyone is not talking about ends up winning???


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