Tontoh dikeh's son's birthday and her ex-husband controversies...

Actress Tonto Dikeh reserved no words as she spilt out harshly, all-out directed at her ex-hubby, Olakunle Churchill.

Tontoh accused him of being a deadbeat father and doing the littlest effort in taking responsibility for their son, King Andre.

And then after all the bashing he got from Tontoh Dikeh, Churchill has to throw words back at her, spilling all the bad will she had done. 

 "You are always looking for public sympathy and attention... You took my SUV worth 22 million and sold it without my consent... You restricted all access to my son. I once gave you an unlimited prepaid card in the past which you flung... A child doesn't have to suffer for his parent's differences... You have the bad attitude of telling any lie to tarnish the image of anyone you are no longer cool with." - Olakunle Churchill.

Olakunle Churchill invariably fired back at Tonto Dikeh after she dragged him out online saying he's not been playing the role of a father.

Well, this is what we get all the time. Celebrities' ups and downs rubbed down on social media for people to halt to read their life troubles. I guess this is also a form of their entertainment career. 

From my perspective, I would say that both parents ain't right at all. I know life is never a bed of roses but some kinds of sleeping dogs are meant to be allowed to lay because of some surrounding reasons. 

Well, I believe, Dragging each other on social media doesn't mean they are not mature but it is one of the signs that they are expressing their visibility as celebrities. 

But to those leaving a non-celebrity life with problems similar to this, it would have been better to allow the sleeping dog to lie than wake it up, all for it to bark and disturb the neighbourhood. 

One more reason is that dropping words for each other for people to see and read doesn't bring any relaxation. Rather it gives people an opponent to be a fan of, thereby helping to fight each other through words. 

This is just a form of creating awareness I must say. 

Whatever may come, both parties are hurt and I know that the middle man, which is the child is hurt too. Despite all statuses, we're all humans and we feel the same pain but at different levels. 

This is a piece of advice though… word fighting in social media is not worth it. Forget the whole stories you both have and move on. Or if you can't, then reconcile and settle. It only takes pride-killing. 


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