Woman after being injured badly by thuds, still came back to vote!

When the heart of man is filled with focus, hindrance only enhances the heart to do more. We read in the Bible that the woman who gave all she had which was just a penny amongst every other person who contributed, gave the highest. 

Nigerians had immensely appraised her effort and thereby called her the hero of the election because she was zealous to be a part of the decision of the next governance. 

Minds are made up, hearts are elevated, premises are laid out, and decisions have been taken within. The heat has been much, Nigerians are generally acquitted to take it upon their shoulders to determine the next turn up. 

Either of the candidates who would win, hence, has publicly announced the decision of the citizens. 

25th of February could not have been a day 
Nigerians will forget in a hurry. 

 _E don tay wey I see Nigerians do something with all their heart oo_ 

What an election! 


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