Can we ever do without coaches?

It was an early hour of the morning on Wednesday, I woke up from a beautiful sleep I had sincerely enjoyed. I was still lying on my bed with my mind flying pondering on a particular subject. 

“Who coached the coach that is currently coaching us?”

The world is such a merry-go-round that we keep living in a circle that has no end. Every day we encounter experts in different fields that relate to life day to day activities. None of them popped up from the earth and become an expert, they once had a coach. 
And come to think of it, experts have also other people who they look up to one way or the other to be up to such standards. Looking at the controversial situations that concern this daily circle of unending learning one would realize that you can never trace the first source coming through with a particular idea.

I rolled on my bed hence pretending not to know that it was already past 7 and I have a class to attend. I wasn't ready to leave the thought, because that is who I am. 

“What about philosophers and first inventors, did anybody coach them too? "

You can be an expert but not a coach and also a coach but not an expert. So I can analyze and critically say that coach is just a title that doesn't decide if the individual is an expert. Experts on the other hand are ones who had on their own gone deeper in a particular field probably after gaining from coaches(who might not have been experts). I believe this is the stage we get to find inventors. 

"But then, it doesn't still clear the fact that they were somehow coached by people who were ones higher than them”
"Oh, that's what elevated them to being the experts #inventors”

 So yeah! Coaches are not always experts and experts are not always coaches.* 
But then in the end, we couldn't have also been on a particular high ground without a coach one way or another.

It was already 8 am when I concluded this random thought. I still had some grounds left to dig more into but then I had to take a break. Out of the bed, I kicked off my preparation for the day. After almost an hour, I was set for the class by 9 am. 

It was a Philosophy class, one of my favorites. As usual, I got to sit in one of my best spots in the class. The class commenced some minutes later :

Hello class, today is a bit controversial… Coaches are not always experts, do you believe that class? "


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