Do not compel women to marriage only with love without adding money to it - Reno Omokri

A popular social media known as Reno Omokri #tableshaker advises men not to compel any woman to marry only with love but be able to add money to it. 

Well, I would start by saying, 

This whole statement or opinion only started becoming valid in this century or this our generation.

Someone contributed by saying; 

"A back-walk to the days of our fathers and grannies. Then, money was not even part of their visualizations when they start talking about marriage and yet they create very long-lasting relationships and marriages in comparison to our now."

Who said the money was not even part of their visualization then when the women do not have a say in any man they are being given in for marriage? The father then wouldn't have done such if the man hadn't bought drinks and cowries (money) for her bride price. 

The difference is only the time of the century. 

So, I would say that the statement is not to be argued as the percentage of the true value is around 80% because it only emerged in this present world where all marriages are based on the capacity of the pocket which should immensely be considered. 

Young people nowadays days get dazzled with drunkness in love, backyard marriages (a typical Nigerian will understand), hurry in marriage(women), Illiteracy /ignorance, wrong ideology, etc,  that they ignore the impact of money mixed with love can bring. 

This whole argument will rain back on women who are considered lovers of money, but as a man would you be happy or feel that there will be complete happiness without money? 

Of course, there would be happiness if there is a superfluous love, but will it last longer before it starts stinging?

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