Easier Said than Done

When we dish out advice, it sounds so doable and easy, but when the table turns, we can't chew on what we served. 

We'd comfort a bereaved person and tell them to take heart, don't cry, be strong, God knows best. But when it is us at the other end, we are uncontrollable. Or is it telling our friends to stop taking bullshit from their lovers, the same bullshit they'd feed to us and we'd top it up with a drink. 

People would tell you it's easier to be uncomfortable staying with a family member or a friend than spending money getting your place. Use that money to start up something they'd say, just endure for a while, but they don't know how mentally drained you are. Some may tell you to learn a trade or start up something, instead of just sitting around since there's no job yet, did they ask if you've got any capital to start something? Did they ask if you can start a business or handle entrepreneurship? Nope! All they do is talk. Why? Because talk is cheap! It is an easy task, all you gotta do is open your mouth and that's it. 

We can even go as far as advising couples to separate, not necessarily because you wish them bad, you probably want the best for them, but when they hesitate, when though you know the hell they are passing through, you start judging them. My dear, some of them don't leave because they are stupid, they are probably thinking their lives through and wondering how they'd fend for themselves because to tell you the truth, most of these women have nothing to fall back to. 

Imagine your dreams coming through instantly because you talked about it or imagined it. Imagine saying to someone, I want to relocate abroad and fiam? you see yourself there immediately or even the next day, wouldn't the world be an easy place?.
Until any of these happens, do not be quick to judge someone for not promptly reacting to your instructions. You may think it is easy, but until you are there, don't be quick to judge. 

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