How long do we need to date before marriage?

Conversation of two friends. 

Jimmy and kate have been long-term friends, almost from childhood. They sat in front of a lake not too far from their houses when Kate asked that striking question that made Jimmy who barely talked pour out everything on his mind concerning the subject. 

 Jimmy: Wait Kate: You can't date for at least a year?Before marriage?

 Kate: Hmm... I believe you get to know somebody in less than a month, other months or years are a choice. If the love/acquaintance, readiness to marry and resources are already there and available at the moment... I don't see the essence of prolonging the dating stage to a year. 

Jimmy: Other months or years aren't a choice. It's essential. 
Over a year might be a surplus but at least from 8 months. 
So you mean, Kate if one just met you online today Or at a party or anywhere, get your number, begin chatting every day and flowing well, then after about a month or thereabouts, he'd ask you to marry him, you'd just say yes, 
Just like that? 

( It was clear enough that Kate knew what the answer was but probably wanted to hear it from Jimmy, so he continued talking)

Jimmy: Marriage is a one-time circumstance. 
Once you're in, you're in and there's no way out ( for Christians at least because divorce is a sin).
Wouldn't you want to know more about a person who intends to get married to you so you won't regret it in the future?

There are sentences people use occasionally use as funny reads called ''memes'', Eg:
'Forever is the deal'
'i can't leave without you... 
And yet still broke up 

Do you think all those promises were jokes? 
They were real and happened. 
And in most cases, these flatteries are always at the beginning of the relationship though but then, a few months into the relationship, faults might begin to unfold in these partners and if they can't tolerate it, they call it to quit. 
So tell me, Kate, can you find out about all these in a month? 
Kate, human beings are always out to feign characters disregarding the fact that it's not going to stay hidden forever. 
But evil never remains hidden for long, to be honest. 
These cases of deep lies and pretence between two lovers have caused most people to become cold-hearted and remain single for life because of the latter results of their partner's dirty facts about them. 
Everyone is guilty in this aspect of hiding our real characters but in a different way. Truthfully, we're all toxic in our way, and 70% of us are capable of the same evil we condemn probably under the same or slightly different circumstances. 

Kate: Previous experiences they don't wanna repeat
So many are bitter… 

Him: Bitter is an understatement
Emotionally handicapped, 

In Kate's head, she knew long-term dating also does not determine forever in marriage.

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