It's world International women's day!

So! I've seen and read so many pieces concerning today but it's still, however a yet fully uncovered addendum. 

Social media is to be congratulated for making all written pieces concerning this day sprawl all around the globe according to women that specialty. 

 Mothers - This word alone sounds like home. The only human that never gives an excuse for her baby's cry. Mothers approximate life. 

 Sisters -These sets are wonderfully the second set of mothers, or maybe a second version of them. They always show up big time. 

 Wives - This body covers that of the mother and the sister. She is all in one piece. 

But then! I get very surprised by how men and women fight a lot in reality concerning their natural features which irritate both parties. And unto this day, they're celebrated as Queens. 

I love humans. 

Women glow to the brim of all symphonies and the world will be incomplete without them. They are like spice to meals to enhance the sweetness. And sometimes, it puzzles me how homosexuality came to be. 

Their presence brightens and adds more value in a midst of another gender. It causes a stare and attracts like a beautifully birthed flower. They're flowers that will always be adorning to behold. 

Women also bore this unpleasant version of themselves that dislikes or always have numeral problems with themselves. It's quite appalling but I believe that is also one of their nature. It's never an achievement to always have a such mindset as a woman. 

Be at peace with yourselves and have each other's back. Because thou art the most precious jewels in the world. 

#Cheers to all women!

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