Poor Customer Service

If there's something I don't appreciate in the business world, it'd be poor customer service. I am the type of person that'd never let my mood affect my job. If I am at the office, maybe to my colleagues, I'd show my anger or whatever I am facing, but to a client, or customer, nope! I keep it official. 

I love it when I work in a supermarket or shop, a restaurant or an office and the attendant is all smiling and polite. If you are anything less than that, it taints my mood and I loose interest, it'd take me walking a long distance and it happens you are by far the best place I have located, else, I just turn around and leave. 

Just this afternoon, I had to drag myself out of bed even though I am a bit under the weather to help get things for my brother to travel with, as I approached the woman selling bottled groundnut, I greeted and asked her if she also has the one that is over fried, mind you, I was to buy 3 bottles of groundnut and cashew nut each. I just wanted one of the light brown groundnut alongside the dark brown. Guess what? Mama looked at me sternly and looking away, she went, "na the one wey you d see I get," me already irritated because I could barely stand didn't even bother to talk further, I went straight to the woman opposite her, and before I could greet her, mama greeted me with a smile, and because I kept squinting while asking her for the prices and touching my tummy, she offered me a sit. Lol! I made sure I faced the other woman, I wanted to see the look on her face when she sees me leaving with 6 bottles. 

This kind woman had just the dark brown groundnut, so I told her I wanted the other one, she begged me to wait for her so she could go look for that one from someone else, I was praying she doesn't ask this other woman, luckily, she went farther. She asked what was wrong with me, I told her and she told me sorry and said she wish she has a banana so I could be eating whilst she goes to bring the other one. 

You see, it doesn't take anything to be kind, instead, it spreads positivity and joy. There are times that you won't even want to get something, but the sweet welcome you get from the attendants persuades you to. You could go to a restaurant and it'd take minutes before someone gets to you, and even after taking your otters, you may have to wait for close to an hour, and when they eventually come, you get no apologies or explanations. 

You can enter a shop and the seller would drag themselves to you with their face all squeezed up like an overripe mango, you ask them about something and they drag themselves to answer. It is so pathetic and irksome, sad thing is, they don't care, you may even try out of your patience and kind heart to talk to them about their attitude but they are not ready for that conversation yet. 

I bet tomorrow, the first woman I approached would be wondering how come her neighbor has more sales and might even become jealous of her or assume she uses juju, instead of working on her attitude toward her business. 
For those who are employees, I just hope offices try to train their workers in customer service relationships. It plays a major role in the growth of their business. 

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