Que sera sera

"If you love something, you'd let it go, if it's yours, it'd come back" iro ni o
Why on earth would you want to take that risk in the first place? If you love or want something, you'd strive to keep it. 

Alot of people are not gonna like this particular topic today because the saying "Que sera sera" which means "what would be, would be" have been their go to mantra for years. 
I am not doing this to disconnect you from it, I just want to air my opinion about it. Feel free to disagree. Lol

When I was younger, I agreed with that term a lot, not because I actually experienced anything coming back to me or me reuniting with someone because we were meant to be, but because it was constantly recited in our ears by people, and as I grew older I realized it is a total BS(forgive by French).

I feel that saying is an excuse to be lazy to express the basic tenets of life. People who'd rather be lazy and let things play out however it should because they don't have strength to pursue anything. Believe me, the slaves tonrgis saying have lost good people and opportunities but they can never express their dismay because it'd show weakness or unbelief. 

It is so convenient to use that phrase when your partner wants you to love them in a particular way, but because that's not your idea of love or you have a particular gauge that measures how far you can go in loving someone, you leave it to fate to decide. Or an unemployed person who wouldn't study for an interview or take it seriously and afterwards realizing they didn't do good, they leave it to fate. How come we don't evoke it when it comes to exams or monetary issues? How bout food? You are hungry but too lazy to cook, do you forget about eating and say "what would be would be?" I guess you'd find another alternative if you really can't cook, isn't that some sort of effort to solve a problem? Even the richest people on earth still chase businesses around. If they folded their arms and keep singing that phrase, would they be where they are?

I am not saying the phrase don't work for some people, I doubt if it works all the way through cos these kind of people have lost a lot because instead of making an effort to see how things can work better, they encourage themselves with the phrase.

God didn't put us on earth to just walk around and mop at each other, we need to walk or run to move, we need to get married, have sex and procreate, we need to go to school, study and graduate, we need to work to make ends meet, that is how life is, you need to work towards something to achieve a certain goal. 

Another thing I realized is, people who a konk believers of the phrase actually would use it on/at things or people they are not really interested in, or maybe they don't see you worthy or that opportunity reasonable to at least try for it, because they are things that they would do anything to have or experience. 

We exist so other people would, we exist so things would move, we exist so the world would evolve, if you think what would be would be, I dare you to stop making efforts towards your dreams (unless you don't have one), I dare you to stop communicating with family, even though in whatever we do, they'd always be family, I dare you to stop going to work, I dare you to stop praying and hoping, in fact, pray but don't work. Let's see how things turn out for you. 

What would be would be should be a phrase from God cos He wills all things, you on the other hand should move toward what you want and fight for it, if it doesn't work in the end, you did all you could, maybe it's not God's will, but when you are relaxed and not make efforts but expect good things to fall on your laps, I am sorry, I don't think the world works like that. 

Like I said, feel free to disagree, it's just my 10 cents. Ciao!!!!


  1. I think the term ‘whatever will be will be’ should be used after all efforts have been put in place first not a way of massaging laziness

    1. I completely agree. Most of us fail to take an effort just because we believe that whatever will be will be. One can alter their destinies by trying. Deciding not to try because you believe nothing will change irrespective of the trials is a deliberate decision not succeed and any who conceives such a thought or belief will definitely amount to nothing.

      Village people are not always involved in every downfall story, we often decide not grow by our actions and belief pattern.


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