What is your Coping Mechanism???

If you asked me two years ago how I cope when in distress, I'd say by crying and then listening to music, but guess what? I think I used out all my tears through 2021-22, my people, I no get tears again, and I can say this because a lot has been happening since last December last year till just a few days ago that'd normally make me weep my eyes out, but omo! I can't even get myself to shed tears. 

How am I managing my troubles? Well, I found a new way out, "Distractions," yea, how? I just get up and get myself busy or I just sleep off. If I am in a dark place or mad these days, I just get up and start cleaning, do the dishes, cook, do laundry, or just sleep, and guess what? It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, I just spring up and get busy. 

Funny thing is, I never realized I found a new pattern until I saw myself doing the dishes by 1 am sometime last month when I was down but couldn't sleep. Mind you, these plates weren't used, they were plates I washed two days before and never put back on the rack. It never occurred to me that I was trying to distract myself, I just realized it was my new coping mechanism. 

As different as we all are, we also have different ways of coping, some would meditate, eat, drink, smoke, crrryyyyy, talk to a friend or relative, sleep, or find a distraction, but we shouldn't forget that as good as some of these cogs can be, others may be harmful to our health, both physically and mentally, so we should be careful the techniques we initiate and how often we entertain them. I believe in, if you want to find something to help you relax, let's do something healthy. It is always a better choice. 

Like I mentioned in my last post, something as simple as taking deep breaths in and out helps a lot. 
In as much as I am not an easy person easy to penetrate, I preach finding comfort in any way one can, because keeping things to heart and not being able to breathe can be harmful. It's okay if you get judged or discussed, but if talking to someone can give you a little bit of relief, please practice it. We can't walk this world alone, we need to hold a hand for a better stamina. 

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