Be publicly excited about your secret prayer being answered!

Humans are the funniest in terms of choosing between being excited or being sad. Should I term it as being unreasonable or just trying to act off? I know it seems I'm speaking gibberish but let me give a brief illustration of what I mean. 
It's very obvious how the education of students living in Nigeria is being threatened by the ASUU because of their debts held by the government. The past months that strolled by had not been made effective for school activities because of the franchise activity that went on. Now the school system has set in for another session despite how the threats went on and then keeping students on the weary side. 

Most students pretend not to be excited about the resumption, maybe because they do not want to get their hopes high or is it just about having the same students like feelings? Why is it very hard for humans to express how excited they are for their long-awaited prayer? 
When a favour that they had admired finally gets to them they behave as though they never wanted it. 

I'd have to go further to give another illustration of a typical Nigerian understanding. This second example goes to people who claim to be single and not searching(especially for females), I'm not trying to be a devil in people's decisions but then I hope you don't have an admired choice opposite that decision. 

As humans, we have this thing of acting uninterested in what we want, and even when we get it we still behave as though it was never our intention to have it. Be excited and show it that you're excited when you receive something you've pretending not to have admired for years. cut yourself some slack. 
Quit acting as though it's trash when you get it just to show people you're not that kind of person(when deep down you are).

Free your mind, you're not a witch.

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