Celebrate Grace

It's funny how we celebrate our pains and weary but not our breakthroughs. Some people will never step foot on the pulpit to give testimonies, not because they have stage fright but because they'd never be caught dead letting people know about their progress.

You see people freely talking about their sad life, how broke they are, how lonely they are, and how jobless they are, then they get financial aid(s), get into a relationship, get a good pay job or a booming business and all of a sudden they are mute. Lol. The nearest they will go is  say "God has been good to me,"  or captions like "A man/woman blessed by God".. All of a sudden they are typing or talking in parables, but people were forced to visualize their life when the going was tough. 

You hear corps members screaming in people's ears whenever their pay is being delayed for few days, but once it drops, it becomes quiet from their end. Even people who are living comfortably well would happily post about being broke or talk about how hard life is. 

It's not just about these people,the society has it's own role to play. They start criticising you and warning you not talk about your progress, especially when it involves you going abroad, when pregnant, planning your wedding, or building a house. You become scared that the more people know, the more dangerous your life becomes. 
Or is it the ones that start saying Ill things about you by calling you boastful or proud. These could be the reason why people would rather be quiet. 

I am not condemning this behavior entirely, because I am also guilty, I just  want to know why it is easy for us to celebrate our setbacks but not our progress? How does God get the glory???


  1. You see that line about people calling you boastful and proud? That's really why some people grow quiet and enjoy grace (prosperity?) in peace.

    1. I figured, but then, does it matter? People are always ready to talk


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