Christ has forgiven all. (Strictly for believers of Christ)

She was found praying and almost tearing herself apart for God knows what. Her tears were as hot as boiling water tricking down from her eyes with her body wet with sweat. She repeated three words under her breath as though it was a task given to her. 

“I'm sorry, Lord” 

Her cries got to the extent that it seemed her tears were exhausted because they ceased to flow and her voice became weary like a broken radio. She was exhausted and lay straight on her bed with eyes fixed on the ceiling but not looking at it mentally. Her thoughts flew graciously over the unimaginable act she portrayed the night before the morning. She kept wondering and pondering how God could forgive her for doing what she did with a clear mind. She resulted to thinking that she tried to take God for a fool whom she would come back to beg after intentionally hurting his feelings. 

Casey, last night, was on her bed watching a movie that had a few erotic scenes that instigated her feelings to go look for more to watch. She knew was she tried to do was uncalled for and knew that God would be disappointed in her, yet she went on ahead. She ended up spending the entire night seeing all the erotic videos on the internet. Although the scenes never made her think practically, but they made her guilty about herself even when the people aware of this act were her and God. Her hot cries began to stroll again like it was refilled and ignited to start all over again. 

Casey stayed indoors for two days making an affirmation not to fall into the devil's trap again. ”Is this a devil's trap or my trap?" she kept questioning her being. Casey took it to an extent and forgot to remember that as a child of God who believed in Jesus Christ, her sins were already forgiven even before she asked. Lessons have been portrayed through her act, it was like a mirror to her or a written slate of advice built in her heart never to be excited by such a scene. 

It was her call and she answered, the guilt will be there but the sin has already been forgiven. 


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