Communication(Listen not Judge)

One of the most beautiful thing anyone would have in the world is having a go to person, a confidant that would listen to you and not judge you. Accountability partners that would listen to our setbacks and would go ahead to comfort us and encourage us to do better next time.

Alot of us these days would rather keep to ourselves, not because we want to but because our friends or family members would judge us even before listening. I am not saying if we mess up consciously or otherwise we shouldn't be scolded, but in our scolding, we should know that we are human, and we are prone to do the most ridiculous things. 

Some people would rather die than open up to anyone because they can't stand being vulnerable with anyone, Especially men, again, it is not a trophy thing. 
Some people would only talk if there's a solution to the problem. You can't solve my problems so why talk about it? Stop it! sometimes all you need are words to uplift your spirit.
Some of us dunno how to keep quiet. You'd use someone else's story they told you in confidence to entertain your friends or partner. Stop that habit!! 

The fact that you don't align with a certain belief, way of life or whatnot doesn't mean you can't hear other peoples thoughts on them. Its ridiculous, unbelievable, stupid, irritating, useless etc to you, but to others, it's different. 
I have a friend that so long as it's not something she likes or supports, she's not interested, as far as she's concerned, it's noise to her ears, funny thing is, these things she rebukes she's beginning to do some of them. I am not saying you should force your thoughts on others, just learn to listen to peoples opinions and respect them.

I usually enjoy hearing people rebuke things easily, just give them some little time. Lol. Sad thing is, it's hard to talk about these things later because they already rebuked them in the past.

For those of us interested in our friends or family members confiding in us, lets do better,  build trust, be accepting, be comforting, create time, give room for vulnerability, listen and don't be quick to judge. And for you who have a lot to talk about but don't want to or don't know how to, learn to speak up, even if you hear your story in the market tomorrow, you should talk about it before it consumes you. Talking helps a lot, it may not solve the problem but it'd relieve you I promise. 

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