It's just sickening how people have lost empathy or the ability to feel when it comes to reacting to things. A friend will tell you something about them that is sad or embarrassing and then we laugh about it, someone will bring their problems to us and then we laugh at them, or someone will tell you about their struggles and we demoralize them more by laughing at them.

How will someone come and tell you what they are passing through and instead of you to listen and try to see how you can help that person come out of that situation or give them headway or encourage them,  we end up giving them insensitive?

A friend of mine was talking about something today on her WhatsApp status about how people abroad would complain to those at home telling them what they are going through and how their jobs has been stressful or it's getting too hard or life is not as rosy as they predicted over there and instead of encouraging them by saying things like,   "you have started this journey, how about you just embrace it and do it for another year let's see what will happen, if it's too stressful we will think of something else or another headway," or  "I can't really say I understand how you feel but I would advise that you pray for more strengthhhhhhhhhh, try to find happiness in whatever you're doing, look for things that would give you more courage or will keep you in good spirit and you will find excitement in whatever you're going thrstrengt

Imagine such advise, but instead, they would end up saying things like "if it's hadrd then come back home na, it's better you sufferrrrr in your father's land than suffering in another person's land" 
 I keep talking about this whole communication thing because people don't really understand what having a conversation really is all about or someone confiding in you or expressing what they are going through and all you could do is  say give insensitive remarks.

Part of  the reasons why people behave this way is maybe because they are overreacting or making a mountain out of nothing. They ask why you are complaining about something because to them, its no biggie. 
Please, if you don't have anything to say or anything nice to say to people,  I would rather you just ignore. It is wrong!!!
People have lost their empathy mostly because we are all suffering from one thing or the other, everybody have what they are going through that they are not talking about but that doesn't mean you should be unreasonable or insensitive with our words and actions.

 If you don't have anything nice to say please keep quiet, it is not necessary for you to talk unless someone comes to you and ask for your advice and even then, itoyou're not sure what to say you can easily tell the person that you don't know what to tell them or how about you talk to someone else, that you feel that person will have something better to tell them.  We should learn to understand and respect people's feelings and try to see where they are coming from.  Nobody wants to hear more sad or terrible comments because they are trying to express or talk about how they feel, this is part of the reasons why people tend to bottle things in their minds and eventually it starts messing with their heads and before you know people are contemplating suicide or they are overthinking because the people that they would expect to be nice to them, listen to them, be there for them to comfort them are those being  insensitive or not even taking them seriously by laughing at them or telling them they are not serious, or telling you to man up or it's not that deep.

 My advice is this, before you reply to something or to someone's predicament, please take a payse and think about it, ask if what you want to say  necessary, ask yourself if the person even need that kind of comment at that moment.  Even if the person is talking about hunger, even if the person is talking about how cold or hot they are, if it's not necessary for you to comment please just ignore.

 We should try to understand that we are different and we can't all act the same cos trust me, the world will be so boring if that is so. Please be kind to the people around you  with your words and actions. It doesn't pay to be mean and insensitive.

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