Forgive but Forget?

It's very easy for people to ask for forgiveness, and when they do and you forgive, they expect things to go back to normal immediately. I have forgiven you, but I'm not sure I can easily forget it just like that.

I feel it's easy to forgive that to forget, some people may say they are relatably  the same, but I believe showing mercy is different from forgetting why you had to show mercy in the first place. 

Do we truly forget? Someone like me may lock it out after a while but it will definitely come back once in a while to remind me that someone was a douche or was just plain stupid. 

Someone told me recently that you can't say you have forgiven someone when you still talk about the hurt with emotions, I told her that, unless one has the memory of a fish, I doubt if you can easily forget the bad things people do to you. 

But nonetheless, while in your forgiving spirit, try tossing in a little bit of forgetfulness in there, because I believe that the more we forget, the easier it is for things not to bother us.

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