Friends can be companions and well-wishers.

You can't call someone a friend when you don't love the person, love involves sacrifice, and not everyone can be sacrificial and you can't possibly blame them. 
Some friends are well-wishers, relax, at least they wished well. 
While some friends are sacrificial, they're hard to come by that you can't expect it from everybody. 

Stop counting grudges against people who you call pals because they seldom come by to say hi, c'mon you're not the only one on earth. 
Nobody is entitled to your well-being except for your parents and spouse, siblings are 50-50 chances(sometimes). As an adult with a full sense of understanding, you should be able to learn how to be selflessly friendly with people even when they seemed to be what you call friends. Stop eating yourself up or question people that you call friends why they don't check up on you or tell them bitterly how and why you're the only one always sending the first text. 

To be very honest, nobody owes you that. And come to think of it, an idle mind always wants attention and friends' accommodation. Everyone is busy sometimes if not all the time, get busy too  and stop counting judgment on the ones that can't check up on you. You're not 8 months old, you're an adult. 

Friendships would always come but first, dungeon rule, "Humans will still be humans” Be ready for anything. It should be a normal action not to take things to heart, it causes beef and unnecessary judgments. If you're tired of being the first to text, get busy, focus on your family and live long. Even blood relations forget eac,h others, though some friends are better than family but not always because, in the end, your family will always be the only home. 


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