House Hunting Chronicle

Hmmm.. I had a very good topic to talk about today, but if I dont  talk about this particular event that happened today, I am not sure I will forgive myself. In fact, I planned on putting this story on my WhatsApp status, but I felt more people should read this. 

Today started well, but this evening mashed up everything.

I have been house hunting in Abuja for over a year now. Last year I put myself under so much pressure that I was frustrated and had to give up after an agent took me to one godforsaken area and showed me a house for 400k. Shey you d whine me no?
 I sha came home that day and screamed in my pillow and then I decided to just chill. 

Fast forward to this year, I really need to move because I can't retain the rent of my current location and the maintenance sef no be here, So I resumed my hunting from February. Ladies and gentlemen, the things I have seen/heard because I want to stay in town, my mouth cannot confess them. 
Is it how small my budget is, or is it the ridiculous inspection fees?, abi is it some friends and unfortunate people saying things like "no be you wan stay town or Must you live-in town?" I mean, if I have no reason to stay in town, would I be trekking under the scourging sun every now and then looking for an apartment in town??

One thing about Abuja setting is, you are either up there or down, there's no middle,  so if you are not living in town, you are far from town, and if you decide to stay at the not very far from town villages, you'd rather live far away because those are the worst. Terrible houses at ridiculous prices. 

Back to my story.. I have been online almost every minute for the past two months communicating with agents and discussing inspection fees and all. I contacted one yesterday and we decided to meet up today for me to check a house out. 
If you are familiar with Abuja, the location of the house I saw was at Katampe, but guess what, when I called him today to ask where to meet, oga told me Gishiri, again, if you are familiar with Abuja, you'd know how terrible the road to that place is, in fact, the first time I went there to visit a friend, I vowed I'd never live in a place like that (no offense to the residents of that area)

I decided to go meet him because I felt it might be the outside part, cos I mean, he said the rent is 500k. When I got to the junction, I called and he asked me to take a bike to Casablanca, lol. I obeyed, and whilst we were going, I realized we had left the outer part and was now riding to the bad part of that area, the road to that place is always flooded, whether rain or not. I had to tell the bike guy to turn and take me back to the junction cos 1, I won't be dashing anybody 3k to go see any house around here and 2, I havenever considered living here. 

Brethren, on our way back, that is how a bike sped passed us and scattered mud from the wet ground on us, I was covered from my head to my shoe. I let out a loud irritable scream and guess what? I started weeping.. Lol, I kid you not, I was literally crying. The bike man who rode me offered me one silk-ish fabric to clean up, I put the water I had on it and tried cleaning, it looked like it went off, but I couldn't do the one on my top. Mind you, I needed to stop somewhere to pick up something for my office. 

So I came out, entered a cab, few minutes into the ride, I realized the stains came back, (I was wearing a pair of black jeans). 
I tried my best to clean it but to no avail, so I gave up. I got to where I was to receive the package, got it, and went straight home. I kept wishing going home to a hug from my man or even a phone call so I can vent my frustration and him comforting me, but guess what, all of that were just my imaginations (e been wan wound me)😭

I also imagined microwaving soup and making semo cos I hadn't eaten since morning(still observing lent), but guess what? I got home and there was no light(kill me already).

That is how I just dropped my bag in the kitchen, peeled yam, put it on the fire, went to shower, came back and made local red oil sauce and ate. I can't comman kii myself abeg.
I used to think I used up all my tears last year, I guess I still had some, cos I sobbed all the way home from that house hunt. But you know what? We go again, there's no stopping till we fix it. I kukuma no get any other choice. 


  1. It can be really frustrating and discouraging, bit guess what? We try again

  2. Getting a house as a single is very frustrating. Agents do the most for houses you never dreamt of entering. When u hear the amount, it’s more like I better give my mum all the respect so she keeps accommodating me in her house.
    So sorry for the stress. Please keep us posted on the hunting 😀

    1. My dear, you will now suffer this suffer, then man will surface after few


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