Stressors (What are your Triggers)

It is said that everyone knows what elicits strange emotions from them. It could be a world, a belief, an act, a look, a behavior or even a sentence.. Etc. 

In psychology, a “trigger” is a stimulus that causes a painful memory to resurface. 
Some people's triggers could be not keeping to time, yelling, being ridiculed or judged, being alone, getting rejected, being ignored, violence in the news, sexual harassment and unwanted touching, and even smells. 

Apart from trauma, the term “trigger” is also used in other mental health contexts. A trigger can be anything that activates or worsens the symptoms of a mental health condition, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or susbance use disorder. 
For example, a person with OCD might be triggered by the sight of a glass with no coaster and react with extreme fear. Or a person with alcohol use disorder might be triggered by the smell of alcohol and suddenly start craving a drink.

It is very crucial for people to talk about their stressors especially partners planning to settle down. That way, you can be careful not to trigger these stressors so you don't arouse your partner's triggers. 

Some people can't even recognize their stressors, they probably know it gets them mad, but don't see it as something that triggers them. But it is advisable to watch oneself and know,   and for we to also know that of others so we don't trigger them, and if we are aware, we shouldn't provoke people on purpose either. 
Do you know your stressors?

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