The Power To Break Generational Traits & Patterns Is Within You

The ability to swallow your pride is hidden in your upbringing. If you escape the flaws in your upbringing, then you must be a very special being. When you see a very proud and pompous child, one look at his/her parents will reveal the particular parent with such a trait.

It is even worse off when both parents are culprits, it then becomes a lifestyle for the kids and it takes the Holy Spirit and grace to deliver just one from the fold who is often referred to as the black sheep of the family.

He or she is termed the black sheep because, right from birth they have refused to slay and play on the self esteem of others who are not part of the family.

This article is not about the proud and pompous but about being the best version of yourself for the sake of your unborn generation. There is this saying in Igbo language that goes like this;

Whatever a snake gives birth to must definitely be long.

It is on this premise that most fake pastors brainwash their members with unhealthy deliverance sessions that eventually turn out to be fruitless because to curb such a menace, the vice must be uprooted from the source/root and not from the branches.

The era of Bachelorhood and Spinsterhood is the era of breaking generational traits and patterns. It must start with you my brothers and sisters. And it is as simple as sacrificing for the unborn generation. 

If you don't want your kids to be drunkards and smokers, stop the act of smoking or drinking before being entangled with a life partner.

Same principle applies to other vices that we engage in on a daily. We are all seeds and soil at the same time. Your personal traits must be embedded in the seeds you implant in your spouse during intercourse.

It is a must and no amount of prayer can change that, God created a chosen generation when he created Adam and Eve. The idea was for men to dominate the earth just as the angels dominated the heavens. But the devil corrupted the DNA of the Superhuman Adam and took away his Authority.


The creation/multiplication program is still running as God intended, but the problem is that there is a mass reproduction of man in an ordinary state and it will take completely embedding one's self in Christ to be super human again.

There are choices to be made and it starts with you and I. To raise a Godly generation, we must first be godly in and out. The time of pretense is over. It is either now or never or we may end up reproducing the evils that we once faced in the lives of our unborn generation.


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