Will unity ever be achieved in Africa?


We live in a world of obvious diversity yet we pretentiously still jingle for togetherness. 
Africa as a continent historically and facially is traced back to be a clan from a particular horizon but with divisions as civilization called. And according to history, this happened a very long time ago when our ancestors were still alive. How then do you want the togetherness to come? 

I could remember the time of Xenophobia in the South African region. I wonder how such fear could grow in their hearts even when it has to do with their supposed brothers from different African regions. Don't you think this forum for togetherness is nothing but an allusion? 

Okay, I think we're taking the illustration too far. Let's come down to the homeland. I've heard, read and seen heartfelt articles and even poems (written and read) from certified Nigerians, conjuring about the admonition of togetherness as a defined region but what about the tribal differences happening right through your nose? 

Micheal Jackson when still alive blasted a song with striking lyrics that shook the globe differently "We Are the World”. But It's been years now, have we made a better place to start living yet? Everybody craves the right thing, an enjoyable benefit for the world at large but who wants to take the first step? Absolutely nobody. 

I wish to step down to Nigerian deposition major before it is our birth country. In this region where we live, the Westerners are regarded as our ancestral architects of tragedy, because of the inhumanity meted on them through slavery. 

The current generation bitterly talks about it often on blogs, etc. But one thing is very funny, they still build and work towards this dream of living in this same land of their ancestral tragic antagonists. 
So why then do you curse them when deep down, you want to live with them in their country too? Thats hypocrisy! 

You see, things are not always meant to be although it's longed to be. 

If we cannot create such togetherness in our home country (Nigeria) let's not bother writing poems or even articles using the movie "Black Panther" as an illustration to depict why unity should be in Africa. 


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