Biafra And The Many Schools Of Thought About The Igbo People


Are the Igbo People Confused?

Among the Igbo people, we have come to realize that the only set back facing the ordinary Igbo man or woman is the lack of a unifying ideology. 

Different factions are agitating for different facets of self determination and if this trend continues, the Igbo People may not be able to achieve what they desire or seek as a people.

Among the various schools of thought, a few are expressed below, Some believe that Biafra is just a weeping child of injustice in a country like Nigeria. They desire and wish that octogenarian Gowon would plead with the entire country for the mistakes he made by failing to adopt the federalist paper he signed as a gentleman with late Odumegwu Ojukwu in Aburi, Ghana. 

And it is believed that with his recent declaration on Biafra, he is simply making a mockery of himself.

What Do You Think?

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