What Happened to Love?

  most of you know, I am a full blown sucker for love and romance, even though Romantic movies isn't at the top of my favorite movie genres. I love love and the pureness of it when given genuinely.
For some days now, part of my WhatsApp status' involves quotes about love and it's factors, but the sad thing is, I got replies that put me in a was corner for days. Not that these comments would change anything about my perception towards love, but because of how shallow people react towards the simplest things. 

I don't know if it's okay to say people have become too lazy to show affections or after one or two trials they sign off on love and start twisting the certainty of it. 
Nowadays, people see it as a transaction, if my partner doesn't act this way or react this way, I won't do this or respond like this. I can't waste my energy on anyone, if they can't take me the way I am, they should go. There are more important things to do than choosing someone always, cooking, being intentional, dedicated, loyal, respectful, kind, thoughtful, consistent etc towards anyone. After all, when I do any of these things, they will take me for granted. 

I can't show this side of me to him/her, see finish go enter, I no fit show him/her say I over love am o, them go use me play ball. Why should I spend money on my woman? Am I her father? These and more are the chaotic discussions and quotes flying all around social media and in physical discussions. 
Why am I affected by all of these? It is sad that nobody wants to show love unless it is reciprocated in some kind of ways, nobody wants to be too involved, people are taking genuine affections for granted, no one wants to be labeled a "fool" so they'd rather pretend not to be very interested. 

The good thing is, in as much as I am sad about this unruly notions  and behavior towards Love, my perception and my wish to feel or receive genuine love in the nearest future still remains intact! I can't be the only person in the world who feel a certain way towards that feat. So, if this is how I feel about it, that is what I'd be given by God. I believe genuine love exist because of how I love and genuine love I will get. 
At a point I got scared because it felt like people who demonstrate love without feeling like it is a chore and do it willingly may no longer exist, but I remember I do, so I believe they are more of us. 

My little advice would be for us not to accept every quotes or speech out there, these things most times messes with our heads. Love is the greatest gift you can give and can receive as well. Ask  yourself this, would you be happy if your partner loves you exactly how tou love them? Sincerely! May we all find the purest form of love. 

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