The Importance of Facebook Like to Your Business

I Believe in List Building and I know it works because I have seen people make serious cash from their email list with just a simple and straight to the point email about the effectiveness of a product.

A list is that powerful, but I have never been able to build one effectively due to disinterest plus the fact that I believed that the services I offer can't be sold with an email list, (just my own honest opinion anyway, I may be wrong) Facebook likes on a page or a Facebook Fanpage can also be likened to a list of interested buyers who may at one point or the other patronize your business and so it is a cool feature to have a robust fanpage if you intend gaining any traction as a starter in business.

Let's just say you have a Facebook fanpage with a couple of likes/fans, If I come around your website and notice that, my first impression will be to exit from your website for the simple fact that no one is giving you a thumbs up. It means you really have no customer, no client and no supporter or perhaps even if you do have, they are yet to know that you exist online and that in itself is not a funny thing to assume if I had the mind of patronising your business.

Just look around the webosphere (if I am permitted to use that word) and you will notice that those making all the money that you have been yearning to earn are big shots with robust fanpages, they may not have had a robust fanpage from the begining but they had something tangible at best and it finally became something extra ordinary because people love to be where people are;


The above sentence is the true power of social media and you can make a lot of money with a very robust Facebook fanpage.

We can help with placing your business in front of IDEAL & PATRONISING CUSTOMERS:

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