Let's Talk About Father's Day

I have this niggling feeling Father's day was created as a response to the ubiquitous mother's day. But we all know nobody actually want to celebrate a day dedicated to people who really don't care about it in the first place.

Let's face it. Men don't care about anniversaries.

We'd rather be thinking more serious issues like how to make sure our spouses don't find out we are keeping a secret girlfriend in a flat somewhere in town.

Our lives are so complicated by all the responsibilities we created in the first place. Why add a father's day to all this when in the final analysis men end up spending more money to make wives and kids happy on father's day.

The irony.

When you strip the idea of father's day to its bare bones, what you get is a token offering by guilty women and equally guilty kids to men, aka fathers, to deflect the burning issue of the marginalization men apparently feel over the constant celebration of women and women issues. Women should not bother. Men don't feel marginalized.

Really. So what actually happens on father's day?

Nothing from where I'm standing. Men actually get reminded it is their day mostly by their kids and wives who are hoping this would be another opportunity to make daddy spend a little money taking them out to that new swanky family friendly eatery in town or to the amusement park; or God forbid, to go and visit the in-laws.

Do women or kids really believe men bother if they are not reminded of their status as fathers?

I'm sure my dad doesn't give a fig. I've never called him to wish him a happy Father's day, and miraculously our relationship has not suffered from that huge irresponsible behavior from me.

My sisters? Yeah, you guessed right.

They compete among themselves to wish him a wonderful father’s day. I don't know how that changes anything in his day. You see, it is all a woman thing. They belief, in a funny twisted sort of logic, wishing the man a happy Father's day would make him a better dad. If only they knew. Men love their kids with a passion that sometimes scares them. It is the reason they put up with all sorts of nonsense from the world.

Being a father entails putting all other considerations aside and focusing on building the new identity, dad, you created for yourself when your woman gave birth to your kid. You are constantly planning to provide the best for your kid. You are always looking to be one step ahead of whatever glitch life throws at you in your quest to be an adequate dad. And you have to do all these while also seeing to the needs of the mother.

Hell no!

You don't want any token appreciation. You'd rather spend the whole day moping or drinking with your buddies or making more money. Getting reminded it is father 's day is so much unnecessary distraction. It is almost like a cat being reminded it is a cat.

So what?

The cat's swagger would seem to shout at you as it goes about the more important job of looking for a rat to murder.

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