The Nine (9) Turnoffs for Customers

As an entrepreneur, there are things that turnoff your customers. In other to maintain a healthy customer base, you need to imbibe some basic and necessary habits that is conducive for customers to keep coming back. We need returning customers to sustain any business and so it is vital that we maintain a good first impression before any customer that comes to patronize our business.

The Nine (9) Turnoffs for Customers

1. Cigarette Smell.
Cigarette smell is a turnoff. You must be different when it comes to customers. Keep your dirty habits away from your business environment. Cigarette smell sells the idea that you are irresponsible. And when a customer feels this way over you, the sole owner of your business, your business suffers.
2. General Hygiene
Body odour can drive your customers away. Mouth odour is a turnoff. Brush your mouth twice daily to curb an occasion of mouth odour. Shave hairs around the body and use Roll on effectively round the armpits and sensitive parts. Wearing excessive cologne can also turn off your customer. Moderation is key
3. Lying
Lying can turnoff your customers, so stop lying. You can do business without lying. When we lie about a product we move the customer's mind away from the product and to what the product does. And soon afterwards, if we lied about a particular function that the product performs which it does not actually do, we will be found out and that customer will never return.
4. Being Overtly Pushy
Don't push customers to buy a product. It is a major turnoff for customers and it makes customers suspicious. Don't try to push a customer, but try to convince him to buy using simple and verifiable means. Example: If you run a pharmacy and a customer comes with a prescription that is not in stock, instead just recommending, you can also instruct the client/customer to verify the authenticity of another product (which you have in stock) that can perform similar function as the doctor's prescription.
5. Don't be too Soft
Don't be too soft. When you stop a customer from bargaining, it turns them off. You should have options, don't just tell them that they can go away if they don't want to buy at your price, offer them a similar product at cheaper price if you've got it stocked or give them reasons why they should buy the product if the price is really worth the value.
6. Maintain Eye Contact
Maintain eye contact with your customers to retain them. Your eye deepens sincerity. Eye contact is key. In real life, being shy and timid might open doors for you, but in business, you need to be bold and maintain eye contact with your customer while you talk to them. It helps them to come to a quick decision on whether or not they should buy from you as it removes all shades of insincerity from the deal they are about to make.
7. Always Try to Deliver on Your Promise
Whatever you promise a customer, always ensure you keep to that promise. Don't learn to apologize for a promise but keep to your promises in business. This kind of behaviour determines the level of customers that come to you.
8. Reduce the Facade
Some businesses have too much facade, they are not plain. Some people will not patronise you when they detect too much hyping around you. Personalities are discovered, not talked about. Don't over hype your business. Just say what is necessary and leave the rest for the customer to discover by themselves.
9. Overweight
A large number of millionaires and billionaires are trim and fit. If they can be trim with so vast a wealth, why do Africans believe that being overweight signifies wealth. Overweight is a major turnoff for customers especially when it has to do with not being able to satisfy your customers in business as a result of laziness that comes from the fatigue of being overweight. Overweight can prevent you from honouring most business appointments.
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