I Truly Believe that the West Owes Africans No Shit

The West owes Africa no shit. They are only committed to their own people. That is their truth and their one and only gospel. No amount of sufferings in Africa would make them change that. This is why it is a complete waste of time for some Africans to continue whining and lamenting about the evils of Western Imperialists in Africa. 
They will never stop fucking us as long as we let them. Africa have had enough of reactionary leaders who in most cases ended up being the worst tormenters of their people. Visionary leaders are urgently needed now. 
Leaders who are passionately prepared to lock down the continent against Western imperialists just like Mao did with China so as to reengaged with the West on almost equal terms Africa is in dire need of thinkers as leaders and not illiterates, rabble rousers, primitive criminals who are ready to rob their people blind at any given opportunity. 
It is a shame and a slap on every African that in this twenty first century and also given our vast natural resources, we are still very confused and at a loss about how to climb the ladder of human and societal development.
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