You Alone Can Do - Isaac Omaye Greg (Music)

Isaac Omaye Greg is a Dynamic praise and worship Leader, Father, Husband, songwriter, music composer, and Director are all the terms that embody who Isaac Omaye is. Isaac Omaye Greg aims to create moments that brings listeners more closely into their experience with God and "YOU ALONE CAN DO" is a simple song that does just that.

It's catchy piano and strings intro, refrains, and resounding drums highlights the strength of the musicality of the song. It's power and energy drives home the message of being free in God's presence to worship, which is a core element of Isaac Omaye Greg's ministry.

Isaac Omaye Greg is poised to take this great body of work to as many as will hear it. Isaac Omaye Greg is consistent in his desire to point people to Jesus through his music and life. For the past few years he has been recognized for his dedication and musical compositions among his peers. Isaac Omaye Greg stands out from other emerging artists and music composer's in the genre, and is revered as one of the influencers of the next generation of Gospel music.







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