Annie Idibia is Responsible for Her Current Predicament

First and Foremost, Annie shouldn't kill herself for "staying through" Somebody had children with multiple women that are single and married you. Were you expecting him to have the weakness of drinking or beating his wife? No! His weakness is women and your acceptance to be his wife CANNOT change it.
Secondly, could Annie had accepted to be Tubaba's wife, with his obvious proofs of being somebody that likes women, if Tubaba were nobody? I strongly believe it had so much to do with the perceived glamour and infatuation of being identified as "Tubaba's wife" than love. It is infantile, unrealistic and an evidence of poor calculation to believe Tubaba would turn against his Baby mamas, under whatever guise.
Domesticating a snake, giving it all the royal treatment thereto, would never make it a pet. Annie should have known better than her mid-journey outburst is compelling us to. There is a popular adage that "any madness that takes its victim to the market square cannot be cured". Before Annie came out publicly, wahala go don full cup!
Dragging out Tubaba publicly, whatever the motive, was not proper. Tubaba values privacy so much. With the subtle mention of his health issues, Annie should quietly walk away than creating unnecessary Drama, if she cannot handle it behind the scene! Could this be a "carefully orchestrated inadvertent" invitation to other Oga Neds?
The heart of human beings are deep and deceitful. Telling Tubaba that what he is doing is not good is like telling a dog that barking is not good! Tubaba's brother joining issues with Annie is not good. Tubaba should not permit it, whatever Annie's shortcomings were, but I just hope the guy's outburst is not suggesting that Annie bullies Tubaba at home and the brother was just coming to his rescue.
Whichever, no third party should take sides.
So Lola said she needed no man? If you follow wetin some Ladies dey talk for mouth, you go wounjure!!! Nini and Saga dey hide under Duvet, but Mini still says Saga is not her type of Man.
Oga Ned, na waooohhhhh..


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