Movie Review: Nneka the Pretty Serpent

Spoiler Alert: please watch the movie before reading this. My plan was to watch a movie per week, but monthly is even impossible at the moment. On the day of release, I rushed to see NNEKA THE PRETTTY SERPENT on Netflix. Can someone remind me the story behind the part 1 please. I wonder if there is a connection to this new version.


Alright! I rate this movie 3/10.

Maybe because one of the crew members on NTPS came to my office sometime ago. We were working on a movie's story line. He ended up hyping this NTPS so much and I had very high expectations all along. I think he even said some scenes were to be shot outside naija. Oh God! I hope they didn't leave naija for this.

My village get river naw. We even have underground bar and clubs


What is good about the movie?

1. Idia the TV presenter, is the lead mamiwater character (Nneka). She is a 1st timer to Nollywood and she acted so well. Having a black girl act a mamiwater character is new. We are used to pretty, light skinned girls, with contact lense eyes, coming out of the river. But Idia is so fuuuyyiiineeee! Common! Black wey dey enter eye. See figure 8 reloaded.

2. The fire scene was amazing. Looked real.

3. The movie is star studded with prominent old, new and ultra new nollywood faces.

4. They made almost everyone speak Igbo. Idia, Bimbo etc Very clean Igbo. Nice attempt.

5. Scanty but Believable romance. At least we saw Idia on hot bum short, bouncing her goodies in bed.


Downside of the movie

Too many damn loop holes.

1. The story was rushed.

2. If you thought this movie is horror, better expect crime and little action. No horror. I am shocked that these guys couldn't come up with something horror in this horror UAR. Just drive down from Enugu to Benin to Lagos, many horror stories to tell.

3. I am disappointed in Tosin Igho. I had to double check if he was actually on this project. I am sure Zeb Ejiro of the original NTPS must be disappointed.

4. Who is the make up artist biko? So, because Nneka Obi is the grand mamaiwater, they had to finish all the pancake on her face?

5. Junior mamiwater will just jump on a man to suck his blood. They will not show us the full action ooo. We would then hear the full gist from the police officer (who by the way is Bovi)...mchewww!

6. Are these guys trying to say that our police is incompetent? A chief investigation officer takes an uber to mamiwater house to question her about the killings. She kills him there. Nobody even checked the police officer's last location, so as to at least pick his body. Nna! Life moved on so fast in that city. Na waooo

7. Just like in RATTLE SNAKE, again, Ramsey Noah showed up at the end. Probably to recruit Nneka into THE SIX. We have the movies; living in bondage, rattle snake and Nneka the pretty serpent. I am suspecting we have 3 more movies to go, before we have the grand movie to be called 'THE SIX'

See eh! I don't want to talk about the conversation, cinematography, editing, least you think I hate the movie. I decided to force myself to love and cherish Nollywood but guys, make it easy.

Biko zie nunu



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