These thought patterns can only produce Oppressive Leaders.

It is not surprising to me that the duo of 'Your people are killing my people' and 'Where are the cows' are still comfortably commanding very large followers amongst the teeming population of hapless and suffering Nigerians. The average Nigerian is not particularly gifted to recognize and follow noble leaders. The average Nigerian is yet to evolve above the realm of butter and bread.

This is about the only message that gets knocked into his head right from the cradle, in the schools and the worship centers all around him. Life is about bread and butter. You must be an oppressor and a heartless purveyor of pains for the average Nigerian to follow you as their leader. Don’t even bother to lead him if you don't posses these base attributes. Otherwise, he would not follow you.

Check out the pedigree of all those they follow as their leaders. They are all pain distributors. Men and women who treat them with utter disdain and contempt. Those who treat them with so much disrespect that would make even beasts to revolt in protest, but not the average Nigerian. Instead, the average Nigerian would swallow all the sh*t thrown at him in his strides like it is normal for him to eat sh*t.

He would then go down on his knees pleading to his god to bless him like these oppressors. These are the kind of souls that represent their prayer points in their various worship centers. This is what the average Nigerian desires ultimately, to become an oppressor of his neighbors. This is the thought pattern of an average Nigerian.

He desires not to love but to oppress his neighbors fiercely with no mercy. He only lies to himself when he says he desires to be gifted a noble leader. Irọ́ ńlá. You can’t operate above the level of your thought pattern. What you sow you reap. The ambition of the majority here is to ultimately become an oppressor.

Such thought patterns can only produce oppressive leaders.



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