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Women Should Aspire To Be More Than Just Housewives - Efia Odo

Efia Odo has lashed out at Africans who she said think women should only aspire to be wives and nothing else. Stunned by thoughts of women dressing good or doing photoshoots meaning they are looking for husbands in this part of the world, the Ghanaian actress and media personality stated that a woman may want to look good for herself and not necessarily be looking for the attention of a man. She tweeted; 

"Seems like in this part of the world, a women should only aspire to be a wife, that’s sad. If someone dresses good or does photoshoots it doesn’t mean she’s looking for her husband. Maybe she wanna look good for herself and not necessarily be looking for the attention of a man". So many stories are told back and forth about Efia Odo. Some may be lying on the ugly side while others reveal the beautiful soul she is, natural right?

She is an imperfect person who has embraced her imperfections. This makes her come out as a pleasant person to the world although she is the kind that will return shots in full swing should it be directed her way. The issue of indecent dressing in itself is Immoral whether or not it is a photoshoot section or a self appreciating act.Ladies should learn to dress smartly and decently at all times.I usually say that a lady can only dress indecently In the comfort of her home at least for herself alone and not the public.

Most people do not mind and would not react yet most persons will and it might not go down well with the subject discussed. Celebrities are fond of dressing nudely and I seriously do not know why.By celebrities I mean mostly female because the men dress responsibly in most cases than the female.Also,music video models and dancers are guilty of indecent dressing.The question is 'What for'? Personally I think, not condemning what Efia Odo says(she is totally entitled to her opinion) that for no reason should a lady dress indecently in public besides it is against African culture to dress half naked.

However, if a lady seeks attention through her dressing, probably to remain in limelight, it is understandable after all fashion means different things to different people yet it is uncalled for BUT do whatever makes you happy, Do whatever makes you feel unique and BE happy with your self

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