Make Valentine's Day A Reality for the Helpless

Valentine: The Season of Love.

happy valentines day

I often wonder why we have decided to show the wrong type of love once in every 365 days. I often wonder why in spite of all said and done, the day that love should be shown to the less privileged, is the same day we try to show it to our lovers practically in any sense you can fathom.


I often wonder why it seems like the world is hopeless and helpless and I come to terms with the stunning and grey realities of those who are less fortunate than we are. This life would be a better place, if we can show love to those who really need it and not to those who can show love and be blessed for it.

Do you know that God still answers prayers?

Oh Yes "HE" does

The reason your prayer has not been answered is because someone somewhere has denied hearing God's voice by not heeding to it.

It all buoys down to Love! Love!! Love!!!

The reason your prayer has not been answered is because your personal angel has not been able to open your clenched fist. Open your fist so that the little that you have can flow to those who have nothing while, you get a running over refill.

The reason your prayer has not been answered is because our GOD is angry over your decision to seize the blessings of others.

  • God created us to be a blessing and an inspiration to others.
  • HE created us to answer prayers.
  • HE created us to be his foot soldiers on earth.
  • HE created us to hear his voice, so we can answer a prayer when the need arises.

As we cross over to Valentine's Day, make it a point of duty to bless the life of someone less fortunate than you are and it will be well with thee.


In CHRIST Alone we Stand, All Other Ground is Sinking Sand...