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13 Relationship Killers and How To Deal With It

I wil be going straight to the point on these 13 relationship killers without beating about the bush. For many of us, we may have thought life was unfair at some point, but life is only fair to those who are in control, to be in control, you must accept knowledge when it comes and be willing to adapt to new things and ways of doing stuff.

When you know a storm is coming, you will be ready with an umbrella in hand because you know. For some others, even when they know, they will still go contrary of what they know by not preparing for the storm. Below are 16 Relationship Killers you should guard against;


When you aint truthful to your partner, how do you expect your relationship to work?


This can kill your relationship when you are addicted to such things.


Pride kills faster than Aids. There's this popular saying that pride goes before a fall, you have to be humble and respectful especially the ladies. Learn to be submissive and bring yourself down to make your relationship work.


You act up at every little thing, not being able to tolerate. This trait is usually found among the ladies, most times you allow the little things be, don't drag it and make it something big when it's not worth it


insulting your partner? You have to respect your spouse, this is one of the attributes of christendom, learning to let little things be and being very respectful.


When you allow rumours destroy your relationship. Don't involve 3rd parties, because you don't know who's up to see your downfall. If you have issues with your spouse, settle it amicably and don't allow side talks strip you off your man or woman.


Wanting too much for just yourself . Its all about you, why not think of your partner? What will you do that will get him or her annoyed, avoid it. Most times , try to buy things for your man, generosity musn't be from your man alone, show some act of kindness, show that you care.


This results from pressures from your friends. Some friends can actually pressure or push you into doing something bad that might affect your relationship adversely. Though your friends opinion can help a little in your relationship, don't allow it ruin it. Make sure their opinion are always positive and not negative.


Why promise what you can't do? If you don't have, your partner will understand if you properly explain to her. Don't make promises when you know you can't keep them. If your spouse loves you, she/he won't abandon you because of the few things you can't do. But promising to do something and failing to do them? That's bad, so avoid it


Jumping from one partner to another, cheating on your partner, my policy is 'if am done with you, I know am done. Double dating is bad, cheating on your partner is even worse.


Be open, converse with your partner on things bothering you, don't lock up, a problem shared is a problem half solved. Sharing information with your partner is actually a simple way to know if they love you and care deeply, they will be interested in helping if they really care but will desert if that information is something they can't cope with. They had better leave now before you fall deeply, the reason why you should share and don't keep secrets. Open up to your partner, communicate things that bother you, tell him/her things you like and things you don't like. This goes a long way to strengthening your relationship.


This is the main reason why you have to be very good to your partner's family. Don't make them hate you because if you end up marrying your man/woman, you are also getting married to their family. You also should decide what you want and your beliefs matter too so choose wisely, religiousity has nothing to do with the living a godly life. No matter the denomination and religious differences, in the long run, we are all serving the same God.


Living in the past including ex's, when you are done with an ex, destroy everything about him/her before entering a new relationship. Don't bring up your past in your future, just learn from your mistakes in your previous relationship but don't let it ruin your present relationship. Putting into practice the above can go a long way to making your relationship stand the test of time.