A brief timeline of that five years: Chuck Blazer, the former Secretary of CONCACAF (the north and central American football federation), resigned amidst rumours of stealing money from CONCACAF to fund his lifestyle. Then Jack Warner (CONCACAF president and long time ally to Blazer) followed suit, but claimed he was not guilty of corruption.

A slew of South Americans officials then joined the resignation bandwagon. All dogged by corruption. An ethics committee was mandated by Blatter to investigate. Russia destroyed all the digital files related to the investigation. Some whistle blowers were threatened. FIFA refused to publish the report of the investigation. A doctored version was then published after much pressure. The chairman of the Investigating committee disowned the published report and resigned.

Still Blatter was insisting there was nothing drastically wrong with FIFA.

The home run to the end for Blatter started on the morning of the 27th of May. Swiss police stormed the five star Baur au Lac hotel and arrested several FIFA officials who were staying in the hotel for the FIFA elections to be held in a few days. The arrests were at the behest of the USA’s FBI and Justice Ministry who supplied enough evidence about corruption perpetuated by these FIFA officials. The crimes all dated back to the 1990s.

Sepp Blatter still refused to step down at first. Even going ahead to conduct the election that saw him reelected for another four-year tenure. So what finally tipped Blatter over the edge? Pressure; mostly from UEFA and global sponsors. The fact that all FIFA related news since the 27th of May were all related to sleaze and corruption didn’t help his reputation. Jack Warner was arrested and he promised to go down with other big wigs. Republic of Ireland then claimed FIFA gave it hush money not to pursue the Thierry handball issue. The allegations from reliable sources were just coming in thick and fast.

In the end it was just too much. Blatter called a press conference on the 2nd of June, 2015 and emotionally announced his retirement

When chronicling the fall of a dynasty, a small event, years before the final collapse is usually fingered as the trigger. For me, it was the Amos Adamu incident that started it all.