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Nappy Boy - She didn't know

Brand new musical sensation Jimoh Olayinka Dolapo, Nappy boy is Nigerian born rapper, singer, song writer and music producer signed to NapTown records. The multitalented artiste started producing and recording music at age 15 with the intent of pursuing his musical career.

Nappy’s music is influenced by a wide range of artiste from different era such as Bob Marley, 2Pac, Drake and Wizkid. His musical flexibility makes his genre extremely unique and it will create a sound that will completely change the music industry. This freshly released single “She Didn’t Know” stings a satire on females who under estimates men based on social status. The song was written and produced by Nappy himself with the influence of record label member Jimoh Oladimeji also known as Elzanzi and Cheekychizzy.

Although, Nappy is a new generation musician, he is not out there only just to make  commercial music, but the Naptown Records rapper, singer, song writer and music producer, Jimoh Olayinka Dolapo, a.k.a Nappy, is out to make positive impact with his music. In his interview with E-Daily on his music’s focus, the ‘She  didn’t know’ singer said;

“There are people who come to the world, live about seventy to eighty years and die without making any meaningful impact and there are those who lived just fifteen to twenty years and their names would forever be remembered. So I want to leave an impact. It’s really not about money. Music has given me a voice with which I can be influential and guide the youths that are looking up to me. I want to have such an influence that the youths can see me as an example; I want them to see that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve even at a young age.”

He added also:

“The kind of songs people listen to has influenced the kind of music people make nowadays but I always try to preach something in all my songs. I’m not keen on making music for commercial purpose; I want to be influential instead. I want my songs to be ones which a family can listen to, that’s why I’m very conscious of my lyrics and the kind of music I make”.

However, the fear there is that Nappy might not go far in the music industry because of his positive music mentality but he has this to say concerning that:

“I think the more I churn out good music and people get influenced positively; they will get to like me too. I’m not going to start doing the regular vibe in order to make money because that’s the basic reason those songs are made. It would be hard to get convinced, to dissuade from your stand so long as you know what you are doing. If your music is good, people will listen to you. I travel a lot and I know people like good music”.

He went further to talk about his dream to have international collaborations as often as ever and thus to become an international star act. In his words:

"I’ll be doing more of international collaborations. I want to be an international artiste. I’m a Nigerian and so wherever I am or whatever I’m doing, I know I’m doing it for Nigeria. My fans will hear from me wherever I am no matter who I’m doing music with because I’ll make sure it gets to them”(Nappy)."

(Well, we do hope our very own Nappy lives up to these words because, many or most musicians had this same dream at the early stage in their music career but now trend and ambition to make more money faster has made them to forget their original focus in music to do the normal commercial songs in vogue so to speak.). The song "She didn't Know" is actually about or cites a bitter truth on females who under estimate men based on their social standing. A thorough view about the song exposes the lapses of ladies who think that guys who do not have treasures today cannot have it tommorow, more about ladies who look down and do not value guys with little or nothing.

Another concept in the song, explains a profession of admiration and so there tend to be  a toil with the feelings of a said guy who admires a said girl but is turned down because of his incapacitated financially. That which Nappy sings is actually reality and that is one of the reasons for failed or unhealthy relationships today. So, like Nappy earlier mentioned, it's about positive Music.


Nappy Boy She Didnt Know

Date 2019-08-15
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We the listeners have a duty to listen, filter and digest the positive aspect of this fine tune being dished to us by our very own Nappy.

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