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The World of Money & Fairy Tales

If you gather a bunch of nice girls from nice respectable homes, put them into a room, and ask them to discuss a hot sizzling issue like dating, more often than not your group of girls would relegate the issue of money to where it belongs. Far away from matters of the heart; that is where money belongs to them. What I find fascinating about girls like these is that they actually belief money in dating is like water and oil. They don't mix.

This innocence is so charming. Somehow, somewhere as they grow older they lose that charm, but they never lose that believe that money has no place in a relationship. They pass these notions to their daughters with dedication in the same way religious myths are handed down through generations even if the facts proof these myths to be just hogwash. Hundred percent of the time, these nice girls are always the reason men are fixated on the acquisition of money.

Generally, the pattern is like this:

A guy sees a nice pretty girl from a nice family; he introduces himself. He asks her out. If she agrees, he knows he needs to take her to a place that is befitting her status as a nice girl and to his budding reputation as a serious young man worthy of her consideration. The young man therefore has to put on an awesome show.

Let's be positive for the sake of this piece and say the girl was impressed. Now the young man is trapped in an endless highway of always trying to meet up with the standards of that first date. It is in the DNA of men to be at their best with a nice lady. And almost all the time that involves spending of money. It is also in our DNA to shield our girls from knowing the kind of effort and money we dedicate into wooing them.

We let them know about these crass issues later, mostly, after it is confirmed beyond any doubt that, that the nice lady is ours to keep. The uncomfortable truth is this, the oil that greased the path from meeting a girl to actually dating her is the money in the man's pocket.

  • Nice restaurants cost money
  • Gifts cost money.
  • All sorts of outings cost money, (and God help the man if the nice girl is the sociable sort)
  • A friend is getting married, Money.
  • A relative's wedding is coming up, More money.
  • A death in a cousin's family, Money.

A vicious money circle that never ends.

Would these nice girls ever acknowledge the role money played?

No way.

All you get by way of a stamp of approval is that;

  • The guy is a nice guy who seems to be very responsible.
  • A provider.
  • Caring to her needs and that of her family and friends.
  • Trustworthy.
  • A marriage material.

The reality of dating is this:

Any self respecting young man should stay out of any serious dating if he ain't got the dough or else, he would just end up doing demeaning things with increasing regularity just to keep that nice girl.

Fairy tales and love affairs must be edited to give money the respect it deserves.