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True Belief is not Learned, It Is A Revelation.

Do you believe in God? Why? I have discovered from my experiences in life that true belief in God can only come when you have had a revelation of Him. A lot of Christians today think that because their Pastors or cell leaders or heads say some certain things that depict they believe in God, that it is something that they can copy and by so doing they deceive themselves and others into thinking that they love and believe God.

The answer is NO! True believe cannot and I repeat cannot be learned, it cannot be copied it is not something that can be faked. True belief in God comes from a deep revelation you have had of who he really is. It comes from an encounter with him. People that have had an encounter with him can testify to this.

You cannot doubt what you have seen or encountered right? Now when I say an encounter I am not specifically referring to the encounters in form of dreams, visions, angelic visitations and the likes, I am referring to everyday events that happen that make you realize how loved you are by God. Have there ever being seemingly simple events that happened at a time in your life and in which you wondered why God showed you that much love?

It’s like you began to understand more of God’s love from that point on. These are the kinds of encounters I’m talking about; anybody that has had a bit of the revelation of God’s love cannot doubt God. These encounters make you have a strong belief in the existence of the Father; they make you know he is real and alive.

One of such encounters I had took place in the year 2013, on my way back to my house. I saw a man and his 3 year old son walking home too. As I looked at how the father held the son and helped him to walk I was amazed and immediately God reminded me of the fact that just as the eyes of the father are on that boy, that is how keenly he watches over us, guiding our every step so that we don’t go in the wrong path.

I pondered on God’s love and I cherish that moment till date.

That’s an encounter that would make me to never forget God, I can boldly say that God is real and I believe in his acts. We cannot learn how to believe in God unless we have seen him either through his acts or through the word of God. His word is a great manual that can help you can get deep revelation of him.

Seek for a deep revelation of God for your life today that’s the only way you can truly believe him and know that he is real.

So the answer to the question at the beginning of this article is "YES".

Because I have had an encounter with him.