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Beyonce, The True Story, What You Did'nt Know

Beyonce is a diva and she is one of the top female artists in the history of music, actually started singing in the church choir. The Houston born diva has a beautiful home in LA, California where she lives with hubby and her most cherished daughter Blue Ivy. One amazing fact about Beyonce is that her favourite number is 4 and even God knew this and that’s why he chosed to create her on the 4th day of September.

God also allowed her to meet a man who was born on the 4th day of December, they got married on the 4th day of April and bore a daughter, also naming her Blue IV the IV representing the roman numeral 4. wow! One of her latest album is even titled “4” that’s a whole lot of love for just a number. It will interest you to know that she is one of the few artists that remained a virgin till she got married, this may be due to the fact that she and hubby Jay-Z courted for almost a year on phone, or maybe she was a really disciplined lady.

On the other hand, Jay-Z came from a very rough background. Beyonce had always been a star among many ladies she was paired with and of course this caused, many sparks in her relationships during the early days of her singing career. Two girls that belonged to her singing group, Letoya and Latavia got jealous of her, saying that she received special treatment, Beyonce revolted saying, Latavia was could not sing and called her “tone deaf” this made the two girls break out from the group for good.

Whether or not they felt she received special treatment or not, everyone knows that Beyonce was always a star and she continued to shine from that moment on. Today she has won so many awards and was even specially called by the US first Lady Michelle Obama to perform, what an honour that is.

Apart from being a singer, song writer and an actress, many do not know that she is a successful businesswoman, having a total of three successful fragrances. Beyonce has several nicknames but one that comes to mind easily is “Bootylicious” that was gotten by an adjoining of the two words “booty” and “delicious” due to her highly curvaceous body.

interestingly, Bootylicious has been added to the Oxford English dictionary. Check it out if you doubt! Beyonce or Queen Bey as she is known by some of her fans speaks with a somewhat deep voice as opposed to the high pitched voice she sings with. She may look toned and trim now, due to the fact that she works out a lot, but amazingly she had to lose weight in 14 days just to land a role in Dream girls!

Amazing and yes our bootylicious diva was actually too booty for that role and had to shed some pounds. It may interest our ladies to try her fabulous diet which included Maple syrup, Cayenne pepper, and lemon Juice all mixed together with water as this made her lose 20 pounds in just 14 days. Now that’s amazing.

Her awards are too numerous to mention but our bootylicious diva is one great lady you may fall in love with even more when you get to know more about her interesting fun filled life.