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[Download MP3] Brymo - Johnbull

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Talented and extraordinary singer, Brymo returns with a brand new folk inspired single titled “Johnbull” to quench the thirst of music followers that have been downcast as a result of the thirst for the singers unique sound. Indeed Brymo has been quiet all these years and we just needed to feel his vibe again.

Brymo's “Johnbull”, Is off his just released 5 tracks extended play (EP) titled, “AAA (EP)“. The song ‘Johnbull’ is a mid-tempo alternative tune spiced with infectious guitar rhythms. It is about the story of a young man who is thoroughly missed by his parent after going on a journey for a long time. This tune is graced with Brymo’s excellent vocals and fantastic instrumentation more like a string version. As expected from the former Chocolate City singer, the lyrics are top-notch. The title of the song might remind you of an old-classic song usually sung in this part of the world to mock an unintelligent student/pupil, loll, but is however totally different from it. This is a masterpiece indeed a sheer display of proficiency in music.

Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ (born Olawale Ashimi; 9 May 1986), better known as Brymo, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer and author. He started recording music in 1999 while in secondary school. He signed a record deal with Chocolate City in 2010 but was accused of breaching his contract with the label in 2013. He does Yoruba music, alt_rock, R&B, folk, soul, pop, afribeat genres of music. He is signed to Bail entertainment. The award winning singer is still leading in good music so far as Nigerian music industry is concerned.

Honestly we can agree that Naija Music Industry will take over the world in no distant time with this kind of music. The quality can now match what we have here in the States and even sound sweeter because of the fusion of different beats. Brymo has always sounded original and amazing. His unique vocals has always been his selling point. The talent Brymo has In music is born inherently, not made. Brymo's songs like this one has a classic afro mix in even quantities because he always comes heavy in his songs to make sure it's a fire delivery.

Brymo's John bull is an inspiration. The strings of the guitar and drum begins the song and it keeps the listener expectant of what the song will sound like. As we know Brymo is good in telling stories via his songs. So, he comes with a story of someone named John bull, who left the house to where nobody knows and probably his parents could not worry less and John bull wherever he was, misses home too.

At some point, one will think the beat of the song does not commensurate the lyrics but  there lies the professionalism associated with Brymo. Brymo leaves us to enjoy the strings and Fuji beats to the latter as the song fades away.

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brymo johnbull

Date 2019-08-15
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Wow! very impressive as always! We hope to see more of Brymo . Enjoy!



With Over 5,000+ Daily Visits to Our Website,

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