There are so many outfits to choose from that one may not be exactly sure what is appropriate to wear for occasions. What you wear goes a long way to defining who you are, and it is important that you let your outfits create good impressions on your admirers. This article will guide you on how to dress for various occasions.


The above is always a challenge, so many people especially women will go on rustling and scattering their closet just to get the perfect wear for an occasion, here are some tips to make the process go a little smoothly:

1. It is always important to know the type of event one is going to.

This way, the wearer will know exactly what expectations may be and won't show up wearing the very wrong outfit, for instance, wearing jeans and a t-shirt when every other person is dressed in gowns. This can be quite embarrassing as one will look odd and out of fashion in that event.

2. Be sure to know the season.

This may be common sense, but knowing the time of the day, the event and weather especially if it is an outdoor or an indoor event  will help determine what one should wear, for instance, outdoor events require summer dresses while indoor events require formal gowns.

3. Look through your closet and try different outfits and dresses to see which fits best.

If you don't have the right outfit, make sure your next action will be shopping. You can invite a friend over and ask her to help you pick a better cloth. Be sure to buy matching shoes, bags and accessories to go with the outfit. These will add to the overall appearance of the outfit and make you look classic .

4. Talking about occasions or events, such occasions as;

Place of religious worship;

When one is going to a place of worship for some kind of celebration, it is important to always wear a skirt that is below the knee or a nice khaki and be sure that no shoulder or back is visible. Low cut or clingy dress can be offensive to some people and should be avoided.

a. Wedding; when going to a wedding party, it is important that the attendee finds out how dressy the party will be. Black is a suitable colour for a night time wedding, but it is not really acceptable to wear white as that color is just for the bride though most people are violating that rule. A simple but very classic  gown will be very cool.

b. Night out in town;

finding something to wear for a night out in town is very simple, just pick one body part to accentuate for instance, if one wears a backless shirt, she should wear a longer skirt such as pencil skirt, another option would be to wear a pair of dark tight fitting jeans αи∂ some heels.

c. For Job interview;

This is probably one of the most important days in someone's life and one wouldn't want to mess it up with messy outfit, one has to make the first best impression. In most companies, a suit is the standard attire for an interview. However in many other fields, it is not absolutely necessary. There are few appropriate alternatives to a suit that one can choose like a pencil skirt with a blouse properly tucked in which will show that the person has a sense of style.

d. Business Meetings;

One must look professional and collective while being trendy at the same time as business meetings can sometimes make or break a promotion or deal with another company. Dressing corporately is very best for this kind of event.

e. First date;

A first date can be rather tricky. It is very important to look great without looking like one is trying too hard. The rule is "be yourself", If you are the dressy kind of person, then a casual dress will do

In conclusion, wherever you go and whatever you do, there is a style for you, trying on different outfits and searching through your closet is a great way to find hidden jewel. So for every occasion, find something that fits your personality , looks trendy αи∂ fits the occasion so you won't end up looking out of place or embarrassed.