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Let's Learn to Forgive and Let Go, Hatred is a Killer of Dreams

So many times, we have had one bad experience or the other. It could be someone we love so much hurting us, could be friends we care so much about disappointing us, could be family abandoning us when we needed them most. It could be a very bad experience worse than what I already mentioned above, but do we really need to allow all those things determine where our future will head to? Capital NO.

Do we allow those things ruin what we are meant to get in this present time of our life?

Once had an interaction with a young man, and he bitterly told me about how a beautiful girl he loved so much wrecked his heart. He didn't wrong her in any way even when he had his own flaws but the girl knowing fully well that she doesn't love the guy in question, allowed him to build up lots of hope in their relationship.

This lady purposely and deliberately did it because she had the evil intention of extorting money from him. To cut the story short, two weeks after she collected some gifts and some money from the guy, she called it quits.

Because of this bad ordeal, this young man made up his mind that no girl will date him without being hurt. As am writing this, he has already done worse things to young innocent girls.

My question to him was;

"Is this the way forward?"

Is this how you are gonna finally get the right person for you?

I bet you, he will go about having fun, breaking hearts but what he doesn't know is that he will keep chasing silver while he misses the gold. He will never get to meet the right woman for him if he continues like this.

What I am saying in essence is this;

Learn from your past but don't allow it determine how you live your present. Do not hurt people because someone else once had your heart broken. Do not live in hatred or revenge.

Learn to forgive and let go.

I bet you, the right things will fall into place at the right time.