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Why You Must Treat Your Woman Right

I have seen most men maltreat their woman, disrespect her, cheat on her, hit her whenever they have the chance to and they do all these believing she loves them too much to walk away because in their myopic reasonning, women are naturally soft, it's just their nature and they can't change. And so these guys believe they can always talk and pamper their way out of any situation when push turns to shove.

I want to educate the above kind of guys a little:

Women experience three (3) types of emotions in a relationship.

1. The first (1st) one is love,

2. The second (2nd) one is hate,

3. The third (3rd) one is resentment.

And every man should be afraid of the third one (Resentment). The state of resentment is a terrible place to put a woman. Resentment doesn't just kill marriages/relationships but, it will destroy a whole lot. It contaminates relationship between cousins, friends, families, you name them. Resentment is a cancer that starts with a single cell, a single notion of resentment, it divides and multiplies until it consumes you.

Resentment is defined as indignation, indignation over a real or imagined grievance toward you. Resentment and anger are close cousins and in fact, if you are feeling anger towards someone, it is likely that you are feeling resentment as well. So If a woman resents you, she will never see anything good in you. it usually rears its ugly head when a woman feels she is being taken for granted, feels betrayed too often, feels the relationship is not heading anywhere.

And the worse thing about this emotion is that even after you have changed, cleaned up your mess or diabolical act towards her and start treating her right, it will still be there, gnawing at her very heart. I have come to see that this is so because with resentment she battles with love and hate. This is how it goes, She loves you and she hates herself for loving you.

The hate begins to spread like a cancerous disease, she suddenly can't stand you touching her but she loves you, she can't stand being seen anywhere with you but she loves you, she can't stand being alone with you but she loves you. She can't stand hearing your voice, she can't just stand you. So it grows, until one day, she wakes up and realises that she can't live her life that way anymore.

At this point, one thing is gonna happen from two obvious certainties. Either She learns to fight back the resentment or she allows it overwhelm her. Most times it overwhelms her and one day she will just pack up and walk away, leaving you wondering why she can't forgive and forget.

What am I saying?

Treat your woman right. Don't allow your ego or anything you think you have, put you in a position where you will start taking your woman for granted. If you lose her cos of your ungrateful attitude, You will never meet a woman as good as her.